Be carefull your master branch is up-to-date before starting a hotfix, and both your master and develop branches are up-to-date before finishing it!

You will use hotfix to fix bugs against the latest stable release of the project, no matter it was a major, a *minor or another patch.


You can have only one hotfix at the same time!


The name of the hotfix must be the release it will become. If the latest release was 1.3.2; you’ll want to create a 1.3.3 hotfix using:

$ git flow hotfix start 1.3.3

This will automatically do the following:

  1. create a new branch named hotfix/1.3.3 from the master branch,
  2. checkout the hotfix/1.3.3 branch.


Just like Features, you will have nothing to do if there were no changes on the master branch since you’ve created your hotfix.

If something has changed in the master, that means another hotfix has already been done, which also means that the version you are using is probably incorrect now. In that case, you will have to:

  • rename your hotfix branch,
  • update the code

Assuming the 1.3.3 version has been released from another hotfix, you will work on the 1.3.4 version:

(hotfix/1.3.3) $ git branch -m hotfix/1.3.4
(hotfix/1.3.4) $ git rebase -i master

Pull Request

Your hotfix has been finished, it must now be reviewed before being merged. Push last changes to your fork, go to your github fork page, select your branch and clik “New pull request” button.

You can provide aditionnal details if any, submit, and wait for another developer to review your changes! Once accepted, go back to your local copy, and see the paragraph below.



Before running the commands to end your hotfix, make sure that:

  • your master branch is up-to-date
  • no other hotfix using the same version number has been merged (use git tag | sort -V)


You have to use Git command line, and not Github facilities to finish the hotfix!

Finishing a hotfix is as simple as:

$ git flow hotfix finish 1.3.4

This will:

  • Merge changes into the master branch,
  • Create a 1.3.4 tag,
  • Merge changes into the develop branch,
  • Remove your local hotfix\1.3.4 branch.

Once your hotfix has been finished; you’ll have to push master, develop and tags and also remove remote hotfix/1.3.4 branch:

(master)  $ git push
(master)  $ git push --tags
(master)  $ git checkout develop
(develop) $ git push
          $ git push {github_username} :hotfix/1.3.4

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